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Microsoft 365

As an official Microsoft CSP Partner, Kastervo offers you the latest SMB and Enterprise, Microsoft 365 services along with specialized support and consulting from our engineering team.

Kastervo Cloud Support Plans

Enjoy the highest quality engineering support in the IT market.

Support plans are made for companies without or limited IT personel, who are in need of infrastructure management. Information Technology systems are like your car, they require maintenance.

We pay attention to detail and security first system integrations.

The difference between Subscription and Client Account.

Subscription: Applies to single services.

Market: Small businesses with limited technology needs.

Client Account: Applies to a limited amount of services.

Market: Companies with higher demands and compliance requirements.

Every Subscription requires a complimentary support liscense.

You can have up to x20 subscriptions in Business Critical package
and up to x5 for the Sysadmin package. Additional costs are subject the pricing policy of each package.

Cloud Resources

Here you can find standalone services to expand your existing workloads.